Saturday 9th April 2011- Potting and Hedge laying Saturday 9th April 9:30am The Dole (off B1049)


Many thanks to everyone who helped last Saturday to plant up the final 1/3 of the hedge – that’s 215m in total!

Also thanks to the circus we were able to borrow their hosepipe so the plants got a good drink too.

We’ll be meeting up again this Saturday at 9:30am so we can continue with laying some more of the hedge (and hopefully staking binding it too) this Saturday.

I know it’s a back-to-front way to do it but it seemed best to get the plants in the ground, so we’ll just have to take extra special care!

We also have an offer from a nearby resident of some top soil so we’ll also be potting up the surplus plants which we’ll plant out sometime in the autumn/next year.

So we will be meeting up again this Saturday (9th April) at 9:30am opp.No14a, near the turning head at the end of The Dole (off B1049).

As usual please feel free to come for a long as you can manage – there’ll be plenty of different jobs to choose from.

Tools and refreshments will be provided, but if you have a trowel or secateurs you could bring along that would be useful.

All help is much appreciated!

Hope to see you there.



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