Working Party – Saturday 18th Feb 2011 – Mulch and the hedge!


Your help is desperately needed this Saturday to help mulch the hedge the enviro.volunteers planted last year.
I’ve just been informed that we’re going to receive a double load as we weren’t able to work last Saturday. It not hard work as the compost is very light – it’s just that we’re going to have sooo much of it!! We’ll we need to move it as soon as possible so as not to inconvenience anyone too much, so any help would be much appreciated.
We’ll be working alongside the footpath linking the two sections of The Dole.
As some of you already know the enviro.volunteers started to lay the old hedge last year and would like to continue with that too. We’ll be meeting up at the “even nos.” section of The Dole (off the B1049) at 9:30am.
As usual all tools and refreshments will be provided, but sturdy shoes and some gloves would be handy. Any help you can give will be much appreciated!

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