Next Working Party – Saturday 25th Feb – The Dole – Hedge Laying and Ivy Removal

Wow! What a great turnout and what a fantastic job everyone did on Saturday – I think some of you may have been wheel-barrowing in your sleep that night. Not only did we spread the 20cu yds of compost along the entire length of the young hedge but we were able to mulch 3/4 of the old one too! What a well oiled machine! We also had a delivery of some more stakes and binders so managed another section of hedge laying too.

Thank you all very much – I’ve had several very comments saying how well it’s looking…….
So for those who have some energy we’ll be meeting up again this Saturday 26th Feb. @ 9:30am (opp No.14a The Dole). We’ll be clearing ivy from the trees, doing a spot of crown lifting over the pathway and hedge laying.
As usual all tools and refreshments will be provided, simply join us for however long you can manage.  Not sure what hedge laying is?  Here you go 🙂
Hope to see.

Enviro Volunteers in Histon at the Dole

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