Friday 2nd of November – haunted Crossing Keeper’s Hut!

If you’re planning on having a bit of ghoulish fun on Wednesday you might like to visit Impington’s Haunted House too.

On Friday 2nd Nov. The Crossing Keeper’s Hut  (by the Guided Busway) will be turned into a little haunted house. From 6pm (for a couple of hours) The Copse will see tombstones emerge from the ground and the area invaded by witches, ghosts, bats & other spooky things.
If you feel “drawn” to the Hut , then simply don your Halloween costume or scary mask, bring along your pumpkins, witches broom etc. and come to The Hut.
It’s half term so be sure to tell your friends too, remember ther’s safety in numbers.
There’ll be fires to “protect” you and food to test you…..
That’s if  you can stomach eating a zombie’s eyeballs, witch’s fingers or bat biscuits!
Hope to see you there – if you dare!
Organised by the enviro,volunteers
Check out our website for last year’s scary scenes!

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