Looking back at – Saving the Crossing Keeper’s Hut


If you had visited the location of the Histon and Impington guided bus stop in early 2007, things looked very different.  Not only where there overgrown railway tracks where now we have busway tracks, the railway keepers hut was also situated on the other side of the road.  So exactly how does a brick building that had been standing for almost a hundred years get up and rebuild itself on the other side of the road?


With the construction of the guided busway the huts future was in doubt and it faced potential demolition.  In order to retain at least some of our local heritage, the County Council gave permission for the hut to be dismantled and for it to be relocated elsewhere. Although the new location was yet to be confirmed, it was dismantled and put away in safe storage.


Starting on Saturday the 4th of August 2007 the enviro volunteers spent the weekend, evenings and the following weekend carefully dismantling the hut, brick by brick, completing the job on Saturday the 11th. the Station at 9am on Saturday 11th August.


Several bricks had unique markings on them, including this one dated 1916 that can still be seen on the hut today.


Nuttalls, who were building the busway, provided a large secure container in the yard at Histon Station in which to store all the salvaged materials. CamTile and MT Scaffolding kindly supplyed and erecting the scaffolding to provide a safe working platform, Mick Marshall provided his expertise to supervise the dismantling of the building and Alan Eade supplied fantastic detailed working drawings which will be required for the reconstruction. Volunteers worked with Pene to carefuly dismantle the hut- loading bricks indiviudally onto pallets which True Value (Bishops) have moved into the container using their pallet movers or forklift truck.

Volunteers included Mick Marshall, Pene Nudds, Alison Borley, Geoff Grayton, Steve Moore, Paul Marshall, Sue Borley, Will Russell, Sula Armstrong, Peter Sumner, Jane Rush, Judith Reynolds, Dave Rush, Peter Borley, Hannah Reynolds, Adrian and Alex; also Ian Levitt and Mike Mason who delivered the pallets.

Ann McCarthy supplied her delicious rock cakes and Sue and Surinder at Station Stores provided an endless supply of cups of tea which kept us all going!

The hut was then constructed on the other side of the road, mostly with the original bricks however some kind donations of bricks from villagers, and the help of Mick Marshal and MJ Salmon & Son, plus once again the helpful hands of villagers.

The pictures below tell the story of the huts reconstruction




building the crossing keepers hut

Building the crossing keepers hut


Mick Marshal building the crossing keepers hut
Since it’s construction the hut has been used for events including Santa’s Grotto and enviro volunteers Halloween events.

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