Santa Visits the Crossing Keeper’s Hut 2013

On the 7th of December 2013 Santa made his annual visit to the rebuilt Crossing keeper’s hut.  The elves were hard at work from 9:30 that morning due to the strong winds of Thursday 4th December bringing down a rather large tree across the route of the glow trail.
Tree down in the Copse

A tree that had blown over two days earlier blocking the glow trail

There were also woodchippings to be spread to ensure the reindeer didn’t get muddy feet.

Spreading Woodchippings

Spreading Woodchippings

The enviro volunteers and elves spent Saturday getting arrival for Santa’s arrival.

Santa Arrives

Santa Arrives

mpington and Histon Girl Guide Carol Singers

Impington and Histon Girl Guide Carol Singers

More photos are available on our flickr –

Santa was heard to say that he was very impressed how well behaved the children of Impington and Histon area were, as well as how much he enjoyed the carol singing from the girl guides, bell ringing from the histon bell ringers, mulled wine and mince pies from the enviro volunteers, hot drinks from the scouts, Samosas from Station stores and music from DJ Edd Stonham.  Although his reindeer were only able to do a secret flypast they are looking forward to the enjoying the sales of reindeer food this coming Christmas Eve.

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