Digging the ditch at Clay Close Lane

A recent enviro working party saw the volunteers digging the far end of the ditch near Clay Close Lane to enable the drainage pipe to once again drain into the ditch.


For more snaps from this working party please view our flickr site – https://www.flickr.com/photos/hisimpenviro/

Enviro volunteering is always great fun, and helps keep you fit whilst enjoying the outside air and great company.  And you can volunteer for as long as you like.  For information on getting involved or to ask any questions please use the contact  us page – https://hisimpenviro.wordpress.com/contact-us/





Woodchipping on Clay Close – 16th Nov 2013

Clay Close Lane Woodchipping Impington

The enviro volunteers were out for a small working party on Clay Close Lane Saturday the 16th of November 2013.

Woodchippings have been spread along the more muddy parts of the grass verge.

The autumn will see more working parties and everyone is welcome to take part.  For more information please contact enviro@hisimp.net – everyone is welcome to do as much or little as they like with no committment on the number of working parties you come along to.

Saturday 4th August – Working Party


Many thanks to those who helped with all the various village festivities recently; especially with the play area preparations, wrist band sales, marshaling, stacking chairs, decorating the Crossing Keepers Hut with bunting, litter picking and dismantling tents and gazebos. We were just a few of many others who helped make all the events possible and so enjoyable.
Well now that we’ve had a bit of a rest up and the Olympics are well under way I thought we’d resume some enviro. activities so…
As it’s the first Saturday of the month we usually meet up to do some litter picking. However this Saturday we’ll also be clearing some of the grass from the wildflower area on the corner of Clay Close Lane and setting in place some log seating.
We’ll meet up on the corner of Clay Close Lane pocket park (opposite IVC) at 9:30am
As usual all tools provided plus refreshments and a mid morning break, just wear sturdy shoes.
Hope to see you!
PS. The other regular litter pickers will be meeting as usual at 10am on the corner of The Coppice and Cambridge Road in case you would like to join them.

Chippings & Litter picking THIS Saturday Nov.5th 2011


It’s the first Saturday of the month so the enviro.volunteers will once again be out and about litter picking at The Coppice and Clay Close Lane.

However we’ll also be helping at Clay Close Lane with chipping some brush wood from the recent ditch clearance there.
The dead willow is also going to be felled on Saturday morning to make way for a Jubilee oak. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a nice new bench from the trunk of the old willow.
If you could spare a little time to help then please join us at 9:30am in Clay Close Lane Pocket Park
or for litter picking at 10:00am at Cnr.Cambridge Rd/ The Coppice (Near Bin& Bench)
If you can help that would be great!

Saturday 5th December: 9:30 at Clay Close Lane


Many thanks to everyone who helped at the last working party. We raked up all the leaves which were smothering the wildflowers so they can now breathe!
Thanks to all the donations of pots, we also re-potted most of the plants.
We will be meeting up this Saturday at two locations.
9:30am in Clay Close Lane – to collect some compost for the new bed, re-pot the last few plants and broadcast the wildflower seeds
10:00am in The Coppice – for the monthly litter picking
Hope to see you

Working Party- 9:30am Saturday 28th November at Clay Close Lane


Many thanks to everyone who helped at the last two working parties. We finished planting the daffodils and rotavated the new bed opposite the hotel. A small group also re-erected the freshly restored old cast street signs for South Road and Mill Road – they look great!

We will be meeting up this Saturday for the penultimate session of this year… hurrah I hear you cheer!

Having had to postpone planting the new bed until the New Year, w’ thought it best to pot up the plants to give them the best chance possible. If you have any 7l pots you could lend us for a couple of months that would be great! We’ll also do a spot of litter picking, trim the wildflowers, rake out the leaves and sow the seeds we’ve gathered from the Brook.

If you could help with any of these tasks or simply have some pots we can borrow please just bring them along to Clay Close Lane from 9:30am.

Hope to see you there,



Working Party – Saturday 24th October – 9:30 Clay Close Lane

Hi Everyone,

We were diverted from our original plans last Saturday… however we did a very useful job instead!
A nearby resident asked us to take a look at the Ash tree (on the sharp corner and) which is leaning towards the road and was of concern to her. As it was becoming swamped with ivy and had several dead limbs within the crown, we decided to cut out the dead wood and remove some of the weight by clearing the ivy. We also collected a hoard (4 bags) of rubbish from the ditch including two wheels, a very large pot, several bottles, a rucksack and a broken bicycle!
If there is a break in the forecasted rainy weather, we’ll have a short working party to clear the ivy of the adjacent tree to complete the job.
If the rain persists then we’ll just have to have a coffee and a chat instead!
Hope to see you.