Santa’s arriving at the Crossing Keepers Hut on Saturday 2nd and your help is needed to ensure his Grotto is ready for him to distribute his gifts to the children.
The event starts at 5:45pm but there’s lots to do beforehand so the enviro.volunteers will be having a working party from 9:30am. If you can come and help for any amount of time at any stage of the day that would be great.
There’s lots to do….
We need to erect the scaffold for the tree, fit the windows, cover the igloo, put up any ropes required for decorations, hang the icicle and festoon lights, prepare the fire pits and spread any chippings if we have any.
We’ll break for teas and stop for lunch when hopefully I can return with more stuff so we can put up the decorations in the hut, build the little Christmas tree, put out the reindeer, erect the gazebos, dig in the cables etc.
All help at any time during the day will be much appreciated.




Working Party – Saturday 19th November 2016

09:30 – 11:30am – Saturday 19th November 2016

There will be another working party this Saturday at the Railway Keeper’s Hit (just near the Railway Vue)

This will primarily be in prep for Santa’s visit in December but will also help keep the area looking nice.  There will be various tasks including spreading wood chippings, construction of the igloo frame (massive mechanno for adults in the wood!) and general clearing of dead vegetation.

Enviro volunteering is great fun and open to anyone.  No experience is required, and you can join in for as much as little as you like.  The only real recommendation is some sturdy shoes and a sense of humour!



Enviro Working Party – Saturday 15th October 2016


Many thanks for everyone’s help last Saturday. It took a little while getting passed all the Guided Busway construction vehicles by th Hut, but we did get into the woods and spread chippings on lots of the paths.


We also discovered lots of concrete, which explains why one path always gets muddy, so we simply cleared that section to walker can use it.

Those who were there will know were meeting up again tomorrow in Homefield Park. We’ll be clearing some vegetation on the northeastern boundary near the garages block. There’s also a few few chippings to spread.

Hope to see you there from 9:30-11:30am.

All tools and refreshments provided as usual!

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Santa Visits the Crossing Keeper’s Hut 2013

On the 7th of December 2013 Santa made his annual visit to the rebuilt Crossing keeper’s hut.  The elves were hard at work from 9:30 that morning due to the strong winds of Thursday 4th December bringing down a rather large tree across the route of the glow trail.
Tree down in the Copse

A tree that had blown over two days earlier blocking the glow trail

There were also woodchippings to be spread to ensure the reindeer didn’t get muddy feet.

Spreading Woodchippings

Spreading Woodchippings

The enviro volunteers and elves spent Saturday getting arrival for Santa’s arrival.

Santa Arrives

Santa Arrives

mpington and Histon Girl Guide Carol Singers

Impington and Histon Girl Guide Carol Singers

More photos are available on our flickr –

Santa was heard to say that he was very impressed how well behaved the children of Impington and Histon area were, as well as how much he enjoyed the carol singing from the girl guides, bell ringing from the histon bell ringers, mulled wine and mince pies from the enviro volunteers, hot drinks from the scouts, Samosas from Station stores and music from DJ Edd Stonham.  Although his reindeer were only able to do a secret flypast they are looking forward to the enjoying the sales of reindeer food this coming Christmas Eve.

Woodchippings at the Copse 23rd November 2013

On Saturday the 23rd of November the Enviro Volunteers were out again preparing the Crossing Keeper’s Hut in Impington for Santa’s arrival on Saturday the 7th of December.  A selection of pictures is now available on the enviro volunteers flickr page
Woodchipping at the Copse - 23rd Nov 2013
Three huge piles of woodchippings were spread along the opening to the Copse and and immediate pathways.  We hope this will make walking round this area of the Copse a less muddy experience!
Woodchipping at the Copse - 23rd Nov 2013
And we managed to hang the sign up to announce Santa’s arrival too!
Putting the sign up for Santa - Crossing Keeper's Hut 2013
We had a good turn out of volunteers from the villages on the day – everyone is welcome to join the enviro volunteers for as long or as little as you like!

Working Party – Saturday 23rd November 2013 – Woodchipping spreading at the Copse

If you fancy a bit of exercise in the fresh air and have some free time on Saturday morning then why not come along to The Crossing Keeper’s Hut.

We desperately need your help to spread some chippings onto the paths in The Copse and around the Hut in readiness for Santa’s arrival. We’ll also be putting up the banner.

Woodchippings at the Copse that need your help to be spread


Please pop along any time in the morning after 9:30am – all help is greatly appreciated.

All tools supplied plus tea/coffees to keep us energised!

Hope to see you there.


Looking back at – Saving the Crossing Keeper’s Hut


If you had visited the location of the Histon and Impington guided bus stop in early 2007, things looked very different.  Not only where there overgrown railway tracks where now we have busway tracks, the railway keepers hut was also situated on the other side of the road.  So exactly how does a brick building that had been standing for almost a hundred years get up and rebuild itself on the other side of the road?


With the construction of the guided busway the huts future was in doubt and it faced potential demolition.  In order to retain at least some of our local heritage, the County Council gave permission for the hut to be dismantled and for it to be relocated elsewhere. Although the new location was yet to be confirmed, it was dismantled and put away in safe storage.


Starting on Saturday the 4th of August 2007 the enviro volunteers spent the weekend, evenings and the following weekend carefully dismantling the hut, brick by brick, completing the job on Saturday the 11th. the Station at 9am on Saturday 11th August.


Several bricks had unique markings on them, including this one dated 1916 that can still be seen on the hut today.


Nuttalls, who were building the busway, provided a large secure container in the yard at Histon Station in which to store all the salvaged materials. CamTile and MT Scaffolding kindly supplyed and erecting the scaffolding to provide a safe working platform, Mick Marshall provided his expertise to supervise the dismantling of the building and Alan Eade supplied fantastic detailed working drawings which will be required for the reconstruction. Volunteers worked with Pene to carefuly dismantle the hut- loading bricks indiviudally onto pallets which True Value (Bishops) have moved into the container using their pallet movers or forklift truck.

Volunteers included Mick Marshall, Pene Nudds, Alison Borley, Geoff Grayton, Steve Moore, Paul Marshall, Sue Borley, Will Russell, Sula Armstrong, Peter Sumner, Jane Rush, Judith Reynolds, Dave Rush, Peter Borley, Hannah Reynolds, Adrian and Alex; also Ian Levitt and Mike Mason who delivered the pallets.

Ann McCarthy supplied her delicious rock cakes and Sue and Surinder at Station Stores provided an endless supply of cups of tea which kept us all going!

The hut was then constructed on the other side of the road, mostly with the original bricks however some kind donations of bricks from villagers, and the help of Mick Marshal and MJ Salmon & Son, plus once again the helpful hands of villagers.

The pictures below tell the story of the huts reconstruction




building the crossing keepers hut

Building the crossing keepers hut


Mick Marshal building the crossing keepers hut
Since it’s construction the hut has been used for events including Santa’s Grotto and enviro volunteers Halloween events.

Santa’s Grotto – Friday 7th of December

Santa’s Grotto needs you….If you can help in anyway with the Christmas event at the Crossing Keeps Hut on Friday 7th December please let me know.

There are lots of different ways you could help. There are things to be organised and done before the event, plus help on the day setting up and taking down.
We need entertainers too, so do you have a special talent or do you know someone who has?
If you have any new ideas or can help in any way please email me at

Friday 2nd of November – haunted Crossing Keeper’s Hut!

If you’re planning on having a bit of ghoulish fun on Wednesday you might like to visit Impington’s Haunted House too.

On Friday 2nd Nov. The Crossing Keeper’s Hut  (by the Guided Busway) will be turned into a little haunted house. From 6pm (for a couple of hours) The Copse will see tombstones emerge from the ground and the area invaded by witches, ghosts, bats & other spooky things.
If you feel “drawn” to the Hut , then simply don your Halloween costume or scary mask, bring along your pumpkins, witches broom etc. and come to The Hut.
It’s half term so be sure to tell your friends too, remember ther’s safety in numbers.
There’ll be fires to “protect” you and food to test you…..
That’s if  you can stomach eating a zombie’s eyeballs, witch’s fingers or bat biscuits!
Hope to see you there – if you dare!
Organised by the enviro,volunteers
Check out our website for last year’s scary scenes!