Santa’s arriving at the Crossing Keepers Hut on Saturday 2nd and your help is needed to ensure his Grotto is ready for him to distribute his gifts to the children.
The event starts at 5:45pm but there’s lots to do beforehand so the enviro.volunteers will be having a working party from 9:30am. If you can come and help for any amount of time at any stage of the day that would be great.
There’s lots to do….
We need to erect the scaffold for the tree, fit the windows, cover the igloo, put up any ropes required for decorations, hang the icicle and festoon lights, prepare the fire pits and spread any chippings if we have any.
We’ll break for teas and stop for lunch when hopefully I can return with more stuff so we can put up the decorations in the hut, build the little Christmas tree, put out the reindeer, erect the gazebos, dig in the cables etc.
All help at any time during the day will be much appreciated.





Working Party – Saturday 20th May 2017

There'll be an enviro.volunteer working party THIS Saturday 20th May at
9:30 in Homefield Park where there are plenty of chippings for us to spread.

Hopefully the current changeable weather will be kind to us, although we'll
be working under the tree canopy so we should be ok.

I've only had a couple of responses from last week's email so hopefully a
few more will be able to join us.

I'd also like to ask if anyone is available for a working party at The
Coppice some time next weekend. It's a bank holiday weekend so we could be
flexible on date/time depending on preferences.

As usual all tools and refreshments are provided. We just need you and your

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Working Party – Sat 8th April 2017

Doctors Close Pocket Park.
We’ll continue with laying down some chippings as mulching for both the old and new hedges. If numbers and time allow we’ll also clear ivy and create a pedestrian access beside the new gateway.
See you there 😊

Working Party – Saturday 4th Feb – Doctor’s Close

We were lucky with the weather on Sunday so had a great walk and lunch for our anniversary….but now we’re back to the Green Gym.

This Saturday we’ll be in the Doctors Close Pocket Park from 9:30-11:30am. There are plenty of different jobs to do such as spreading chippings, ivy clearance, hedge work, clearing branches etc… so something for everyone.
As usual all tools and refreshments provided, we just need you!
Hope you can join us.

Working Party – Getting Ready For Santa- Dec 3rd 2016

In preparation for Santa’s visit there are lots of tasks that need to be done.  If anyone can spare an hour or two it really will be a lot of help.

9:45am – 1pm Help needed to set up the stage, build the Christmas Tree frame, tidy some vegetation, cover the igloo, put up the all the hanging lights, fit the windows, prepare logs, erect gazebos.

2:00 – 17:30 – Decorate the stage area, install & test the lights & inflatables, bury cables, set up the glow trail, decorate the grotto, set up & light the fires

After 7:45pm (ish) – Take down all decorations, dismantle tree, pack up igloo cover, remove, clean and pack lighting fixtures & cables, extinguish and remove fires.


Santa needs you please! 9:30am Sat.26th & 3rd @ The Hut/Grotto.

Santa needs you please! 9:30am Sat.26th & 3rd @ The Hut/Grotto.
This Saturday, when we’ll be spreading lots of fresh chippings. So all you Dads, Uncles, Mums, Aunties, brothers, sisters, in fact any one who can help please come along to prepare for Santa’s arrival on Saturday 3rd December.
If we have time this week we’ll build the igloo, then next Saturday the decorations can go up.
Lots of help will be needed then too.
Hope you can join us any time from 9:30am for a few hours.
As usual all tools & refreshments provided, we just need you!

Working Party – Saturday 19th November 2016

09:30 – 11:30am – Saturday 19th November 2016

There will be another working party this Saturday at the Railway Keeper’s Hit (just near the Railway Vue)

This will primarily be in prep for Santa’s visit in December but will also help keep the area looking nice.  There will be various tasks including spreading wood chippings, construction of the igloo frame (massive mechanno for adults in the wood!) and general clearing of dead vegetation.

Enviro volunteering is great fun and open to anyone.  No experience is required, and you can join in for as much as little as you like.  The only real recommendation is some sturdy shoes and a sense of humour!



Santa’s Grotto needs your help! Enviro working Party THIS Sat.12th


Now that Christmas is looming we need to start prepare for Santa’s visit to his Grotto…..

So we’ll be meeting up at the Crossing Keepers Hut on Saturday (12th) morning for a couple of hours from 9:30am.

There’ll be an assortment of odd jobs like clearing chipppings, trimming back vegetation etc.

I’d also like to share some festive decoration ideas, so if you not into the green working party perhaps you could join the craft working party.

I’ve also got an update on some new trees for the village……

As usual all tools and refreshments supplied, so just turn up!

Hope to see you.